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Anna Kyriakaki
Smaragda Zagkotsi
Nikolaos Trihas


gastronomy tourism, local products, breakfast, tourist experience, hotels, Greece


Although in previous decades gastronomy was not considered as an element that could attract tourists, nowadays it is being identified as a ‘peak touristic’ experience. It acts as a ‘pull’ factor and can create ‘loyal’ visitors, thus gastronomy has been used as a core marketing element in different destinations. Gastronomy tourism offers opportunities for communities to integrate tourism and local food systems in order to promote economic development and respond to the specific needs of visitors. It can also be viewed as a source of sustainable tourism which supports local producers and boosts local economies. The ‘Greek Breakfast’ project is an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which focuses on the Greek culinary tradition and aims to promote the wealth and authenticity of local agricultural products and gastronomy by uniting hoteliers and local producers. This article aims to investigate the contribution of the use of local agricultural products in tourism as a way to strengthen the tourism sector, enrich tourist experience and promote both the local producers and the cultural tradition of a place. The results of the primary research into the effectiveness of the ‘Greek Breakfast’ in hotels reveal: a) the strong relationship between agricultural and tourism sector, b) the multiple influences of the use of local products on strengthening (cultural and economic) of local communities, and c) local gastronomy’s contribution to the enrichment of tourist experience.

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