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Ishmael Mensah
Rebecca Dei Mensah


Environmental, Behaviour, Attitude, Tourist, Hotel, Accra


The available literature suggests that there has been a rise in green consumerism, not only among general consumers but tourists. This has provided the impetus for the ‘greening’ of hotels as hotel guests have indicated their preference for hotels that ‘take care of the environment’. Ironically, the environmental impacts of hotels especially with regards to the consumption of energy and water are more likely to be exacerbated by their guests. In spite of this, most studies on environmental management in hotels have centred on programmes and initiatives undertaken by management with little focus on the attitudes and behaviour of guests. This study sought to assess international tourists’ environmental attitude towards hotels in Accra and the implications for environmental management by hotels. A sample of 343 international tourists was surveyed at major tourist attraction sites in Accra. The results of the study indicate that a majority of respondents generally held the view that hotels do not destroy the environment but contribute to the global environmental problems. Most of them (83%) were therefore willing to pay more to stay in a hotel with a responsible environmental attitude. There was also a significant positive relationship between some sociodemographic characteristics of tourist such age and sex and their environmental behaviour. The results of this study have implications for environmental education of guests and the marketing of hotels.

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